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Sometimes you need a little more money in your life to help get you through the week, month, If you have less than perfect credit, you may be having a difficult time getting financing in Canada. The truth is that most financial institutions, including banks, don’t get very excited about lending money to people with bad credit. But you are not alone. Lots of people with bad credit are able to get a fast loan in Canada, at a reasonable interest rate. We work with a list of the most trusted and reputable lenders in Canada. Many of them are able to offer you financing even if your credit is less than poor. In fact, you could even rebuild your credit history if you use one of our products and make timely payments. Don`t let bad credit hold you back. Bad credit loans in Canada are easier to get than you think.

Open loan terms (pre-pay anytime without penalty)
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Opportunity to establish and rebuild your credit.
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            We provide a wide range of loan services for personal loans, business loans, debt consolidation, bad credit loans and other types of loans

Business loan

Personal loan

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You have an idea, a business plan, and a future that you believe in — now you need the capital to make it happen. Apply for a business loan today and launch (or grow) your passion project tomorrow.​​
Are you interested in a personal loan, repayable in affordable installments? Our partners offer great prod​ucts at highly competitive rates.​
Whether you’re updating a bathroom or fixing a leaky roof, home renos aren’t cheap. Our personal loan service will give you the funds you need to renovate your home. You’ll add value to your property and enjoy your house a whole lot more once you’ve fixed or upgraded it.​​

Medical or dental loan

Household expenses loan

Major purchase

Your health insurance may not be enough to cover your family’s medical or dental expenses. Finance the procedure or treatments that you need (or that your loved one needs) with a personal loan.​​
Between heating, hydro, groceries, and all your other monthly expenses, it’s easy to get behind on your payments. Life happens. Apply for a personal loan on our site and get those bills paid and back up to date.​​​​​​​
Maybe you need a new oven or refrigerator. Or maybe you just want to buy a boat or an ATV. Unless you’re lucky enough to have the cash sitting in your bank account, the best way to pay for your major purchase is by taking out a low interest rate personal loan.​​
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